Heathwick Solutions LLC
Heathwick Solutions LLC (Heathwick) delivers comprehensive risk mitigation support specific to our clients’ profile, needs and commercial objectives; from Policy to comprehensive protection.
The Heathwick Solutions Proposition:
It is Heathwick’s primary goal and mission 'to protect the integrity of the operational environment so that our clients can maximise their commercial operations'.
The Heathwick Solution Services:
Heathwick Solutions LLC (Heathwick) is a specialist company that focusses on delivering complete security consultation and risk mitigation solutions. Heathwick will work cooperatively with our clients to design and deliver the most effective risk mitigation strategies based on good intelligence to exercise maximum control over the operational environment and thus empowering our clients’ personnel and protecting the bottom line. This includes full contingency plans for the most likely scenarios as well as the establishment of an effective crisis management system to ensure that should control be lost, it can be regained as quickly and effectively as possible and with minimum impact on operations.  Our services include:

Security Policy Development (Including Duty of Care)

Heathwick can provide a generic policy document and aid in tailoring it to specific client philosophy and operational requirements.

(Heathwick can also assist clients in implementing the security policy across the company and with the compilation of procedural documents in support of policy.)

Without good intelligence, risk analysis is an illusion and effective risk mitigation impossible. Heathwick bases all its action on good intelligence and information from a variety of sources that speak to the realities of the operational environment. Heathwick’s clients receive actionable intelligence appropriate to their operational environments.
Political Risk Analysis
For insurers and business in general, political risk analysis is a key to ensuring a realistic understanding of the real risks confronting those who engage in commercial enterprises in unfamiliar legal and political environments. Accurate and actionable intelligence is critical to success.
Duty of Care
Heathwick infuses this principle in all policies and services that we deliver. Duty of Care is an area of increasing concern for executives and companies, and within a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy this practice can deliver significant cost benefits including contributing to protecting the bottom line and operational sustainability.
Crisis Management
Heathwick personnel have considerable experience in crisis management. From the provision of a general crisis management document and its development and testing, Heathwick will ensure that all our clients have robust systems in place with practised personnel in which our clients can have great confidence.
Security Services
With risk analysis and threat assessment as the foundation of good security, Heathwick will support clients with security surveys; audits; development of plans and procedures; helping to define contractual criteria for sub-contractor security; and the coordination of armed subcontractors. All services will be specific to clients’ needs with commercial imperative uppermost.
From C-Suite level executive training, through high risk environment training for personnel to the training of security staff, Heathwick will provide the best in class. A specialty of Heathwick is ‘crisis management training’ in which we are proud to claim a leading industry position. Training can be provided at variety of locations including client’s premises; or online.
Crisis Management Support
We can further support clients and their crisis management requirements by providing; 24/7 monitoring of risk environment; 24/7 response capability providing specialist support to compliment clients’ crisis management teams for whatever eventuality. Ultimately Heathwick through its affiliations can also provide full evacuation support.
Heathwick has close links with insurance partners to help clients with solutions which reflect the risks identified and take into account mitigation measures which have been put into place.
The Heathwick Solutions Approach:
Our approach is intelligence led and proactive to determine, in cooperation with clients, the real risks confronting their commercial operations. Understanding each client’s risk appetite and then prioritising the analysed threats provides the foundations on which is built the most effective risk mitigation strategy; A strategy that will invest in our clients as much control over their operational environment as is possible, with duty of care as a catalyst rather than a cost and potential liability.

With Risk analysis and Threat assessment, based on good intelligence leading our client relationship and cooperation, we then construct our support strategy. This strategy will always involve three distinct phases of; Mitigate, Monitor and Manage.

• Mitigate: Based on our intelligence led risk analysis and threat assessment, in cooperation with our client, we construct the most appropriate risk mitigation plan which may include safety and awareness training, development of security plans and procedures, as well as contingency plans for all likely events. This will include ensuring that a robust crisis management system is in place and has been practised.
• Monitor: The circumstances and risks surrounding the operational environment will change over time and we will monitor the situation to ensure all plans remain current and appropriate to the threat environment. Again this will be intelligence led, informing and updating as required.
• Manage: While the main effort is always in mitigating risk to the greatest extent to achieve as much control over the operational environment as possible, contingencies must be made for situations where control may be lost. There must be a robust, practised, crisis management system in place; the function of which is to provide a structured focus to enable the regaining of control as quickly as possible while minimising impact.


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