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Cargo Air Charter
Diplomat Freight Services (DFS) can perform whenever, wherever at a moment’s notice. Many years of experience allows DFS the ability to handle all forms of cargo, from dangerous goods to perishable medical supplies to outsized machinery to marine mammals and livestock. Whether a Falcon 20, a 747, or an AN 124 is needed, we have the capability to provide the necessary aircraft. Our team of dedicated flight and project managers are on call 24 hours a day, 7days a week to provide immediate response and timely support at all levels.


Passenger Air Charter
DFS can offer solutions for passenger transport regardless of the requirements. Securing proper aircraft and crew availability, liaising with customs, providing security, and establishing departure and arrival protocols are all part of the expertise provided. When a security clearance is needed for sensitive or high profile missions, DFS can easily accommodate due to proven, vetted procedures initiated by well trained and qualified staff. Our vast experience and acute attention to detail with delicate passenger transport scenarios allows for peace of mind to the apprehensive traveler.


Disaster Relief
Diplomat Freight Services is practiced and proficient at providing rapid response initiatives in times of dire need. In today’s global climate of frequent change and instability, this expertise is especially crucial. With worldwide contacts and partners, we can establish makeshift operation centers in and around disaster afflicted areas within hours of being given the go ahead. Turnkey operations are a specialty of our group and we take great pride in our rapid response capability as it save lives. We understand urgency, and act swiftly, safely, and accordingly.


Freight Forwarding
For over 30 years, Diplomat Freight Services has provided freight forwarding services by air and ocean, serving both the commercial and Government sectors globally. Our personnel are fully qualified, trained, and experienced in all facets of international documentary requirements, including ITAR, Dangerous Goods, and outsized cargo. DFS provides services worldwide for any type shipment or cargo, as well as cargo insurance, packaging and 3rd party logistics.


Fuel Logistics
DFS owns several proprietary Airborne Bulk Fuel and Liquid Delivery Systems (ABFLDS) which can supply aviation fuel or other liquid commodities to even the most remote locations. This proven system is capable of transporting over 47500 liters per rotation of single or mixed loads of jet fuel, diesel, and/or even potable water. Besides delivering the necessary product, DFS can also provide related ground support for a complete fuel storage operation. This collaboration can include sourcing of materials, negotiating prices, proper implementation of ground storage facilities, as well as, local operational assistance in airfield equipment, lighting, and safety.


Film and Media
During our longevity in the industry, DFS has established itself as a specialist in the film and media sector, contributing to the success of some of the largest and most complicated film location moves in history. Working in close partnership with the dedicated production team, DFS can tailor specific solutions to meet difficult locations, changing schedules, outsized sets, and delicate personalities on a comprehensive 24/7 availability. Adding support for static shots, aerial photography, and required props is also an existing DFS service.

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